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"Occasionally I have been asked if I can recommend a good book or article to help people understand the temple ordinances. I have always answered, 'Yes! There is a wonderful manual written to explain even the most subtle meanings of the endowment, and it is readily available to you.' Excitedly the person takes out pencil and paper to write down the title. 'The manual is the holy scriptures,' I say. Disappointed, the person puts down the pencil and says, 'No, really. Is there any other book you would recommend?'" - S. Michael Wilcox, "House of Glory: Finding Personal Meaning in the Temple," p. 19

God desires children who are like him, reflecting all his perfections. What is God like? He is full of mercy, compassion, empathy, and charity. He works for his children’s happiness. He serves and forgives. To become like him, we, too, must acquire these traits. What experiences of life are most conducive in developing these qualities? When others suffer, we feel mercy and compassion. When others sin against us, we learn to forgive. Through others’ needs, we learn service, empathy, and charity. The most trying times of our own lives often are the best producers in us of godlike qualities. - S. Michael Wilcox, "No Other Gods Before Me," Ensign January 1994

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