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"So it is a challenge to us all to be thoroughly prepared when we undertake anything in life to carry through to a successful conclusion and in conformity with our plans. In this connection, I would like to call your attention to other instructions which the Savior gave in connection with this parable: 'Whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.' (Luke 14:27) And again, 'No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.' (Luke 9:62) Therefore, when we undertake to put our hands to the plow as disciples of the Lord, Jesus Christ, we must count the cost, and prepare ourselves to go forward throughout our lives in his service if we expect to gain the blessings and benefits which come from membership in his Church, and adherence to his principles, as they have been revealed unto us." - Sylvester Q. Cannon, "Conference Report," October 1937, Afternoon Meeting, p.47

"I appreciate the fact that we are living in important times, and that it is proper for us so to live and act that we may be guided by the influence and power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has promised to all of us who have taken upon us his name, who have been baptized in water and by the power of the Holy Spirit, that if we will live in accordance with his commandments we shall enjoy the light of his Spirit to guide us. Surely there has never been a time in the history of the Church when that guidance was so necessary for every individual." - Sylvester Q. Cannon, "Conference Report," April 1932, Afternoon Meeting, p.45

"My brethren and sisters, I rejoice in the Gospel in which we are engaged. I realize that it is a means of growth in every way for every one of us; and that if we will live for it we shall be blessed in every respect. If we are active and diligent in the promotion of faith and righteousness we ourselves shall gain the benefit. I rejoice in the fact that this Gospel is divinely restored to us in these days; that through it we can gain so many opportunities and blessings." - Sylvester Q. Cannon, "Conference Report," April 1936, First Day—Morning Meeting, p.24

“The teachings of ‘Mormonism’ are and always have been of such character as to stimulate in those who accept them the spirit of consecration of their thee, means and efforts to the welfare of others as well as themselves. The observance of the principle of tithing, of fasting and fast offerings, relief of those in need, the missionary work, community building, all help to promote, through service to the Lord, the interests of our fellow members.” - Sylvester Q. Cannon, “Conference Report,” October 1931, Third Day—Morning Meeting, p. 108

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