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"We can respect other religions, and must do so. We must recognize the great good they accomplish. We must teach our children to be tolerant and friendly toward those not of our faith. We can and do work with those of other religions in the defense of those values which have made our civilization great and our society distinctive." - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, "We Bear Witness of Him," General Conference, April 1998

"It is a mistaken notion, let me say here, that some people entertain that because men persecute us, we must persecute them: that because men would proscribe us in our religious faith, we must persecute them in theirs. There is no such principle associated with God, or with those who dwell in the love of God, or who are actuated by the Spirit of God. Everything of that kind proceeds from beneath and not from above. God is interested in the welfare of all people, all nations, all kindreds, and all tongues." - John Taylor, "Journal of Discourses," 22:290-291

"I am grateful for choice friends out there, friends not of my own faith, whom I have learned to respect and cherish, and for whom I have a sincere affection. I am grateful for the conviction that has come in mingling with them that there is much that we have in common -- all men: great truths, great objectives, common problems and so much that pertains to all of us in the living of life, and I have learned to respect the beliefs of others..." - Richard L. Evans, Conference Report, April 1960, p.29

"I plead with our people everywhere to live with respect and appreciation for those not of our faith. There is so great a need for civility and mutual respect among those of differing beliefs and philosophies. We must not be partisans of any doctrine of ethnic superiority. We live in a world of diversity. We can and must be respectful toward those with whose teachings we may not agree. We must be willing to defend the rights of others who may become the victims of bigotry." - President Gordon B. Hinckley, "This Is the Work of the Master," General Conference, April 1995

"There is only one plan of salvation. There is only one way for men to gain a celestial inheritance of eternal glory, and that is to forsake the world, have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, enter his kingdom through the door of baptism, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then keep his commandments. We respect our Father's other [p. 64] children of all sects, parties, and denominations, and have no desire except to see them receive the added light and knowledge that has come to us by revelation, and to become with us inheritors of the great blessings of the restoration of the gospel. But we have the plan of salvation; we administer the gospel; and the gospel is the sole hope of the world, the one way that will bring peace on earth and right the wrongs that exist in all nations." - Joseph Fielding Smith, "To the Saints in Great Britain," ENSIGN, September 1971, pp. 3-4

"Take away basic moral standards, and observe how quickly tolerance changes into permissiveness." - Neal A. Maxwell, "Put Off the Natural Man, and Come Off Conqueror," Ensign, Nov. 1990, p. 15

“I would like for a few minutes to offer a few observations in regard to the question of tolerance and broadmindedness. We hear so much in these days about being tolerant and broadminded. I suppose the world will never know how many crimes have been committed through a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of these terms. Satan is very ‘broadminded,’ extremely so as long as he can get people to do evil and avoid the truth. He will teach any kind of theory, or principle, or doctrine, if it doesn't conform to the fundamental things of life–the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is even willing to teach some truth if he can join that truth with error, and by teaching the error with the truth lead men astray. This is how broadminded he is, and that is how the apostasy came about in the primitive church.” - Joseph Fielding Smith, “Conference Report,” October 1936, Second Day–Morning Meeting, p. 59

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