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"When Christ bade us turn the other cheek, walk the second mile, give our cloak to him who takes our coat, was it to be chiefly out of consideration for the bully, the brute, the thief? Or was it to relieve the one aggrieved of the destructive burden that resentment and anger lay upon us?" — Marion D. Hanks, "Forgiveness: The Ultimate Form of Love", General Conference, October 1973

"As a victim, do not waste effort in revenge or retribution against your aggressor. Focus on your responsibility to do what is in your power to correct." — Richard G. Scott, General Conference, April 1992

"How tragic it is to see, on occasion, a life of usefulness lost because we have allowed an unkind comment to cause a wound or hurt. We let the injury become an open sore and fester rather than treat it with prompt skill and maturity. Some try to get even with their offenders by dropping out of life's race. How weak, how damaging, how self-restricting is the often used statement, 'I'll never go back as long as that person is there!'" — Marvin J. Ashton, "Roadblocks To Progress", General Conference, April 1979

"Forgiveness heals terrible, tragic wounds, for it allows the love of God to purge your heart and mind of the poison of hate. It cleanses your consciousness of the desire for revenge. It makes place for the purifying, healing, restoring love of the Lord." — Richard G. Scott, General Conference, April 1992

“So much energy is wasted in feelings of hatred and revenge, but when we can seek to set things right cheerfully, ‘we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed’  (D&C 123:17).  When we harbor mean-spirited feelings of retribution, we are on the devil's turf; but when we seek redress cheerfully, the Lord is on our side.” - Spencer J. Condie, “In Perfect Balance,” p. 168

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