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"I have had the administration of angels in my day and time, though I never prayed for an angel.  I have had, in several instances, the administration of holy messengers." — Wilford Woodruff, "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," Chapter 24, page 286

"Now, I have always said, and I want to say it to you, that the Holy Ghost is what every Saint of God needs.  It is far more important that a man should have that gift than he should have the ministration of an angel, unless it is necessary for an angel to teach him something that he has not been taught." — Wilford Woodruff, Address given at Weber Stake Conference, 7 November 1896

"Those who have been acquainted with the Prophet Joseph, who laid the foundation of this Church and kingdom, who was an instrument in the hand of God in bringing to light the Gospel in this last dispensation, know well that every feeling of his soul, every sentiment of his mind, and every act of his life, proved that he was determined to maintain the principle of truth, even to the sacrificing of his life." — "Journal of Discourses," Vol. 2, p. 192, February 25, 1855

"You need not fear: All we have to do is to be passive in the hands of the Lord, and follow the counsel of our leaders, and not be particularly anxious that the Lord should reveal to you or to me his mind and will and intentions concerning our present difficulties; but pray earnestly that the Spirit of the Lord may be upon those men who stand at the head. All we have to do is to live our religion; and when the Presidency say 'Come here,' or 'Go there,' let us be on hand to obey, and all will be right." — "Journal of Discourses," Vol. 5, p. 268, September 27, 1857

"We cannot go to reap our crops and worship the devil one day, and then the next go into the tabernacle or temple of the Lord and worship him. That is not our religion; it does not admit of this. We cannot feel justified in such conduct; but if we live our religion, the blessings of Almighty God will be with us, and he will multiply them upon our heads." — "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," p. 263-264

"Our forefathers are looking to us to attend to this work. They are watching over us with great anxiety, and are desirous that we should finish these temples and attend to certain ordinances for them, so that in the morning of the resurrection they can come forth and enjoy the same blessings that we enjoy." — "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," p. 149-150

"Men may labor to make a great display of talent, learning, and knowledge, either in printing or preaching. They may try to preach the mysteries and to present something strange, great, and wonderful, and they may labor for this with all their might, in the spirit and strength of man without the aid of the Holy Spirit of God, and yet the people are not edified, and their preaching will not give much satisfaction. It is the plainest and the most simple things that edify us the most, if taught by the Spirit of God; and there is nothing more important or beneficial unto us." — "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," p. 20

"We can best exemplify our love for our God by living our religion. It is vain to profess a love for God while speaking evil of or doing wrong to His children. The sacred covenants we have made with Him strictly impose upon us the duties we owe to one another; and the great office of religion is to teach us how to perform those duties so as to produce the greatest happiness for ourselves and for our fellow-beings." — "Messages of the First Presidency," Vol. 3, p. 146

"The Lord's word cannot fail. But it is for us, as a people, to place ourselves in such a condition that we can ask the Lord in faith for these blessings, and receive them at His hand. We should so live that He will feel bound by His promises to come to our aid and to fulfil His word to us. We have never appealed to Him in vain." — "Messages of the First Presidency," Vol. 3, p. 176-177

"If there was ever a time since God made the world that the inhabitants of the earth needed revelation, it is today. Now, the Lord has given us the stick of Judah--the law of God to the Jews--which reaches down to our day and generation, and which shows us their history and has told us what would come to pass in the future. So has the Lord given us the stick of Ephraim--the stick of Joseph in the hands of Ephraim--giving the history of the inhabitants of this continent and what shall take place in the last days." — Wilford Woodruff, "Collected Discourses, Volume 2," 4 April 1890

"Many of us have traveled a great many years in the vineyard of the Lord, trying to save the souls of men and to lay up treasures in heaven. Thousands have been redeemed in these temples.... We have been called as Saviors upon Mount Zion, while the kingdom has been the Lord's. These are glorious principles. To be saved ourselves, and to save our fellowmen, what a glorious thing! What is gold and silver; what are the riches of this world? They all perish with the using. We pass away and leave them. But if we have eternal life, if we keep the faith and overcome, we shall rejoice when we go upon the other side of the veil. I rejoice in all these things." - Wilford Woodruff, "Collected Discourses," 5 vols. [Burbank, Calif., and Woodland Hills, Ut.: B.H.S. Publishing, 1987-1992], Volume 2

"We are required to build Temples in which to attend to the ordinances of the house of the Lord, that the prison doors may be opened, and the prisoners go free. The world say—'We do not believe in such stuff.' We know that perfectly well; it was so in the days of Noah and Lot, but the unbelief of the people did not stop the flood and the fire, neither will the unbelief of this generation stay the hand of God one moment. The angels of God have been waiting in the Temple in heaven for [a long time] to go forth to reap down the earth. The wheat and the tares must grow together until harvest; the people must be warned, the Saints gathered out, Zion built up, Temples reared, the living warned, the dead redeemed, that the skirts of the Elders of Israel may be clean before all men." - Wilford Woodruff, "Journal of Discourses," 26 vols., 18:115

"I desire to impress upon you the fact that it does not make any difference whether a man is a priest or an apostle, if he magnifies his calling. A priest holds the key of the ministering of angels. Never in my life, as an apostle, as a seventy, or as an elder, have I ever had more of the protection of the Lord than while holding the office as a priest. The Lord revealed to me by visions, by revelations, and by the Holy Spirit, many things that lay before me." - Wilford Woodruff, "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," edited by G. Homer Durham, p.300

"If we really understood that we could not obtain happiness by walking in the paths of sin and breaking the laws of God, we should then see the folly of it, every man and every woman would see that to obtain happiness we should go to work and perform the works of righteousness, and do the will of our Father in heaven, for we shall receive at his hand all the happiness, blessing, glory, salvation, exaltation, and eternal lives, that we ever do receive either in time or eternity. (JD 4:192, January 25, 1857.)" - Wilford Woodruff, "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," edited by G. Homer Durham, p.259

"None of us have a long time to stay here. When I look around and reflect upon my brethren that are gone, I ask, Where are they? Where are they gone? Here is Brother Taylor, myself and others, who form part of the early organization of this quorum, who have traveled with the Church for a great many years; but Brother Joseph Smith and others have been gone for a long time-gone into the spirit world. While I reflect upon these things I often ask, What are their views toward us? How does the Lord look upon us a people? I consider the Lord and the heavenly hosts are watching us. I know they manifest great interest in our welfare and in the course we pursue. I do not want to miss salvation. I want to go where Brother Joseph is. I want to go to my heavenly Father, and to his Son Jesus Christ, and to the old prophets who lived in their generations." - Wilford Woodruff, "Journal of Discourses," 21:285

“If there is an emperor, asking, a president, a ruler of any nation or people, whether a monarchy, kingdom or republic—that takes away from any of his subjects or fellow-citizens the right to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, he deprives them of a right which the God of heaven has guaranteed unto them. These are the sentiments of the Latter-day Saints. We believe in giving to all men freedom, freedom in spirit and action; we believe in religionists of every creed and faith enjoying the liberty to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, which right is guaranteed unto them by God himself; and the man or set of men that would deprive their fellows of this God-given right, assume a responsibility that they must answer for before the bar of God. If I had the power and control of the whole world I would never think of depriving any man, woman or child of this natural, this inherent right, whether their religious views were true or false.” – “The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff,” edited by G. Homer Durham, p. 189

Virtuous and godly principles the principles of the gospel will, in the end, come off triumphant; and they will sustain and preserve any people who practice them, whether they are popular or not in the estimation of the world. All who embrace the principles of the gospel of Christ will be saved by them. He that abides a law will be preserved by it. Any man who abides the law of the gospel will be saved and receive exaltation and glory by it. - "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," edited by G. Homer Durham, p.21

These things are true and your eyes can see them, whether you believe them or not has nothing to do with it. I will tell you that if this work had not been of God, and God had not borne testimony to the preaching of the Elders, we might have preached until we had been as old as Methuselah and we could not have gathered the people from almost every nation under heaven as we have done, according to the predictions of the ancient Prophets contained in the Bible. But the Lord has never disappointed anybody so far as his work is concerned. It did not stop after the death of Joseph, and it never will on account of the death of any man, Prophet, Apostle or any other man, for it is in the hands of God, and he has decreed that it shall stand for ever, and that it shall extend until its dominion becomes universal. - Wilford Woodruff, "Journal of Discourses," 26 vols., 17:192

Obey your parents in all things and comfort their hearts, for you have the power to do this. When they are weary and pressed with the cares of life, seek to ease their burdens and smile upon them in their hours of sorrow and you will cast a charm of joy and peace around them which they cannot obtain from any other source. - "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff," edited by G. Homer Durham, p. 267

I have often thought that, to see a dead body, and to see that body laid in the grave and covered with earth, is one of the most gloomy things on earth; without the gospel it is like taking a leap in the dark. But as quick as we obtain the gospel, as soon as the spirit of man is enlightened by the inspiration of the Almighty, he can exclaim with one of old—"O grave, where is thy victory, O death, where is thy sting? The sting of death is sin, and the gift of God is eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ." The resurrection of the dead presents itself before the enlightened mind of man, and he has a foundation for his spirit to rest upon. - Wilford Woodruff, Journal of Discourses 18:33, June 24, 1875

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