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“I have learned this also, the value of patience. Events fly so swiftly by us that they are not seen in their proper relation, We little understand the movement of time. It takes time to bring to pass the fruition of God's purposes. Not always are the combinations seen in a few years, in a generation even. Men and women plod out their slow lives in their menial duties, and in the offices and callings that come to mortality, sometimes fretting and sometimes wondering if God will never justify their sacrifices; but lo, and behold, a generation passes; their sons follow them and their sons stand in their stead; and lo, the work of the Lord has been accomplished in the thing that they hitherto had undertaken! A pioneer goes into a far distant country. In travail, trouble, poverty and distress, he plows the ground, sows and reaps, and sees the fruitage gone year after year, perhaps, but finally the culmination comes, where a temple is reared upon the very place he first set his foot, and the land blossoms under the blessing of the Almighty. He was the beginning of it, the one who spread the way and who opened up the means for the accomplishment of the thing that ultimately the Lord, our heavenly Father, gave to him and to his succeeding generations.” - William A. Hyde, “Conference Report,” April 1924, Third Day—Morning Session, p. 102

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