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"The great word of the Lord at all times has been given to the world through humble men. It has not been the policy of our Father to go into the schools of the learned, into the palaces of the mighty, to pick men to do his work, but at all times he has chosen men who were humble, who were unknown, and he has magnified them and made them mighty in the work which he had for them. We can look back into Old Testament times, and almost without exception the men who were called were humble, obscure men. We can come down to the day of the Savior, and we find that 'though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; and being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.' The Savior of the world, the Redeemer of mankind, the Son of the living God, came here and lived humbly, as a man among men. He moved with the humble; he lived with them; he ate with them; he slept with them; he was one of them; and until he began to come into prominence, he was unknown to the mighty of his day. And when the hour had come for him to commence his work in public and he needed helpers, he did not go into the higher schools nor into the palaces of the mighty, but he went down to the seashore and chose humble fisher folk, men of no importance in the eyes of the world. He said unto them, 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men;' and in that they did follow him, he did make them the fishers of men, and he magnified them that they grew to be most marvelous servants of the Lord. And while the men of their day who were mighty in the political, and influential in the commercial and the educational world, have in a large degree been forgotten, these humble fisher folk and tradesmen that the Lord called and magnified live in the hearts and in the lives of millions of men, and their names will go down through all time as the men who carried on the great work inaugurated by the Lord Jesus Christ." — Winslow F. Smith, "General Conference Reports," October 1922, p. 123

"The Savior said, 'This is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.' And truly the Savior spoke the truth when he made this wonderful statement. It is life eternal to understand the plan of salvation and to order our lives so that we are in accord with its teachings. It is life eternal to find such joy in our lives here, by righteous living, that when the end shall come, we will pass away in peace, not fearing death, but knowing that we have fought a good fight here, and that for having fought this good fight, the reward that awaits us will truly be ours." — Winslow Farr Smith, "Conference Report," October 1920, Second Overflow Meeting, p.115

"It is a wonderful thing, this gospel of our Lord. It is not to be absorbed by merely sitting idly by and wondering how we are going to be saved. All of us have an idea of some kind, of salvation. Rarely do you meet a man who does not have some belief in immortality; but when you propound to him the question, 'What is the immortality in which you believe? What is the salvation for which you hope?' in most instances you will find that he cannot give you an intelligent answer. To the Latter-day Saint, however, who is living his religion, and who is progressing in a knowledge of his religion, through prayer, faith, and diligent study, there is a pointed, plain, beautiful conception of immortality and eternal life, that gives his life something new, gives him hope, gives him courage, and gives him an understanding that his life here on earth is more than merely gaining the things of this life." — Winslow Farr Smith, "Conference Report," October 1920, Second Overflow Meeting, p.115

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is the biggest thing in the world today. A testimony of that gospel is the most precious possession that a human soul can have. To stand up and bear that testimony is the greatest privilege that comes to any Latter-day Saint. Unto you, my brethren and sisters, unto every member of this Church and especially to those who have been specifically designated to be missionaries is the great responsibility of declaring to the world that God has spoken from the heavens in these the last days. There is nothing under heaven to compare with it. What is wealth, what is position, what is influence, if in gaining these things you jeopardize your place with God? I say, unto you, my brethren and sisters, is this responsibility given.” - Winslow Farr Smith, “Conference Report,” April 1920, Afternoon Session, p. 165

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