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"Let me just mention a couple of things that will help us find joy in sacrament meetings. There are many ways.

"First, come with an attitude of worshipping the Lord....

"Number two, teach your children the significance of the worship service. We want our children there, and we also want them to learn reverence, which is a form of love for the Savior. (If babies are noisy, take them out of the chapel until they calm down.)...

"Number three, sing enthusiastic praises to God. As we sing wholeheartedly, reaffirming our love for the Savior, we can feel the Spirit....

"Number four, when you speak to the congregation, include scriptural references, your testimony, and the Savior in your talk....

"And finally, remember the Savior as you partake of the sacrament...." - W. Mack Lawrence, "Sunday Worship Service," Ensign (CR), May 1991, p.30

Please note that it is insufficient to just hear the word of God in gatherings such as this conference. In order to have God’s word impact our lives—to receive the promised blessings—we must follow it. Indeed, the Lord has proclaimed: “For you shall live by every word that proceedeth forth from the mouth of God” (D&C 84:44; emphasis added). - W. Mack Lawrence, "Conversion and Commitment," Ensign (CR) May 1996

Sacrament meeting is the most important meeting of the week, the one the Lord has commanded us to attend. It’s a time to worship the Savior. What does that mean, to worship? It means to reverently show love and allegiance to him, to think about him, to honor him, to remember his sacrifice for each of us, and to thank him. - W. Mack Lawrence, “Sunday Worship Service,” Ensign (CR) May 1991

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