Thoughts of Jesus

My prayer at this Easter season is that we will more consciously shape, strengthen, and secure this preeminent thought of Jesus Christ in the chambers of our soul,10 allowing it to eagerly flow into our mind, guide us in what we think and do, and continually bring the sweet joy of the Savior’s love.11 – Neil […]

Proclaim His Virtues

As His followers, we are His peculiar people, called to proclaim His virtues,6 promoters of the peace so generously offered through Him and His atoning sacrifice. This peace is a gift promised to all who turn their hearts to the Savior and live righteously; such peace gives us the strength to enjoy mortal life and enables […]

Unity Under One Name

We are too diverse and at times too discordant to be able to come together as one on any other basis or under any other name. Only in Jesus Christ can we truly become one. Becoming one in Christ happens one by one—we each begin with ourselves. – D. Todd Christofferson, “One in Christ,” Ensign […]

Ministering to the One

It is interesting to note that when Luke, the Gospel writer, is introducing the three stories, he uses the word parable in the singular, not in the plural.12 It appears that the Lord is teaching one unique lesson with three stories—stories that present different numbers: 100 sheep, 10 coins, and 2 sons. The key number in each of […]

Focus on Our Covenants

Our covenants help us focus our attention, our thoughts, and our actions on Christ. As we “cleave unto the covenants [we have] made,” we can more easily identify “the things of this world” that we should “lay aside” and “the things of a better [world]” we should diligently seek.8 – Milton Carmago, “Focus on Jesus […]

Spiritual Poise

Spiritual poise blesses us to stay calm and focused on what matters most, especially when we are under pressure. President Hugh B. Brown taught, “Faith in God and in the ultimate triumph of right contributes to mental and spiritual poise in the face of difficulties.”1 – Mark A. Bragg, “Christlike Poise,” Ensign (CR) May 2023