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"It is a matter of commitment. The earth belongs to the Lord, and this includes our own lives. He allows us to use everything on this earth. He only asks us to return one-tenth. Tithing is a token of gratitude, obedience, and thanksgiving—a token of our willingness and dedication. Paying tithing, willingly, develops an honest and pure heart. Paying tithing increases our love for the Lord.

"The Lord said, 'It is a day of sacrifice, and a day for the tithing of my people.' (D&C 64:23)

"Brothers and sisters, let us demonstrate our faith. Let us show our willingness to obey. I promise you, in the name of Jesus Christ, when you and I pay honest, true tithes to the Lord, the Lord will open the windows of heaven." - Yoshihiko Kikuchi, "Will A Man Rob God?" General Conference, April 2007

We know little of the will of the Lord, yet we judge the Lord often with our small wisdom. I speak to those who now walk the deep water of life or the rivers of sorrow. I testify to you that the Lord loves you, and Jesus Christ will never forget you! The Lord has said, “My son [or daughter], … all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.” (D&C 122:7.) - Yoshihiko Kikuchi, "Count Your Blessings," Ensign (CR) April 1984

In similar ways, the key to gaining the spiritual strength we need lies in what President Thomas S. Monson once described as entering a “sacred grove” of our own. He was teaching bishops, but the counsel applies to all members of the Church: “Every bishop needs a sacred grove to which he can retire to meditate and to pray for guidance. Mine was our old ward chapel. I could not begin to count the occasions when on a dark night at a late hour I would make my way to the stand of this building where I was blessed, confirmed, ordained, taught, and eventually called to preside. The chapel was dimly lighted by the streetlight in front; not a sound would be heard, no intruder to disturb. With my hand on the pulpit I would kneel and share with Him above my thoughts, my concerns, my problems.”

Of course, these “sacred grove” moments do not duplicate what happened to the Prophet Joseph in the Sacred Grove. We don’t enter into these devotional times expecting to see the Father and the Son any more than Joseph Smith did. But we can trust that Heavenly Father will answer our prayers; how He answers them, however, is up to Him. - Yoshihiko Kikuchi, "Opening the Heavens," Liahona, August 2009

I know Joseph Smith saw God, the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ. And I know that Joseph was a true living prophet of God. Like Joseph Smith of our day and like the ancient disciples and Apostles of the western and eastern hemispheres, I know that our Heavenly Father’s own testimony is true: Jesus of Nazareth is his Beloved Son, in whom he is well pleased. Hear ye him! - Yoshihiko Kikuchi, "My Sheep Hear My Voice," Ensign (CR) November 1981

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