Spiritual Awareness

My beloved brothers and sisters, in His perfect and infinite love and knowing our human nature,13 the Savior has established the way for us to avoid falling into the trap of spiritual apathy. The Savior’s invitation gives us a broader perspective, especially considering the complex world in which we live: “Learn of me, and listen to […]

Find a Way

If we really want to be valiant disciples of Christ, we will find a way. Otherwise, the adversary offers enticing alternatives. But as faithful disciples, “we need not apologize for our beliefs nor back down from that which we know to be true.”39 – Jörg Klebingat, “Valiant Disciples in the Latter Days,” Ensign (CR) May […]

Counteracting Evil

We have never needed positive spiritual momentum more than we do now, to counteract the speed with which evil and the darker signs of the times are intensifying. Positive spiritual momentum will keep us moving forward amid the fear and uncertainty created by pandemics, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and armed hostilities. Spiritual momentum can help us withstand the […]

The Rest of the Story

While the Savior was teaching in the temple, a woman was brought to Him by the scribes and Pharisees. We do not know her full story, just that she was “taken in adultery.”1 Often the scriptures give only a small portion of someone’s life, and based on that portion, we sometimes tend to exalt or condemn. […]

Spiritual Equipment

The spiritual equipment that keeps us from being broken on the rocks of adversity is our testimony of Jesus Christ and the covenants we make. We can rely on these supports to guide and carry us to safety. As our willing partner, the Savior will not allow us to fall beyond His reach. Even in […]

Focus on the Essential

It takes effort to stay focused on what is truly essential for lasting joy. Satan would love nothing more than for us to misplace our eternal values, leading us to waste precious time, talents, or spiritual strength on things that matter not. I invite each of us to prayerfully consider those things that distract us from doing […]

Salt, Savor, and Light

I testify that the Savior is the salt in our lives, inviting us to taste of His joy and love.14 It is He who is the leaven when our lives are hard, bringing us hope15 and lifting our burdens16 through His matchless power and redeeming love.17He is our light,18 illuminating our path back home. – Susan H. Porter, “Lessons at the Well,” Ensign (CR) May 2022