Clarity of Mind

Thinking about the Savior gives us clarity of mind to make decisions, to act without fear, and to say no to what is contrary to God’s teachings.17 When my day is difficult and I feel like I can’t take any more, thinking about Christ brings me peace and gives me hope. – Andrea Muñoz Spannaus, “Faithful […]

Private Prayers

Our Father in Heaven will answer your prayers, especially your prayers offered during the private times of your life. He will reveal to you your foreordained gifts and talents, and you will feel His love envelop you, if you will sincerely ask and genuinely desire to know. – Steven R. Bangerter, “Foreordained to Serve,” Liahona […]

Expect Miracles!

President Russell M. Nelson has taught us to seek and expect miracles.6 I testify that because the priesthood has been restored, the power and authority of God are upon the earth. Through callings and councils, men and women, young and old, can participate in priesthood work. It is a work of miracles, attended by angels. It is […]

The Wrong Focus

In today’s world, it is easy to focus on material and occupational success. Some lose sight of eternal principles and choices that have eternal significance. We would be wise to follow President Russell M. Nelson’s counsel to “think celestial.”24 – Quentin L. Cook, “Be One with Christ,” Liahona (CR) May 2024

Making Everything Right

Jesus Christ’s Atonement can deliver and redeem us from sin. But Jesus Christ also intimately understands our every pain, affliction, sickness,5 sorrow, separation. In time and eternity, His triumph over death and hell can make all things right.6 He helps heal the broken and disparaged, reconcile the angry and divided, comfort the lonely and isolated, encourage the […]

A Promise of Rest

The clarity of His invitation “come unto me” and “take my yoke” affirms the profound nature of His promise—a promise so vast and complete that it embodies His love, offering us a solemn guarantee: “Ye shall find rest.” – Jose L. Alonso, “Jesus Christ at the Center of Our Lives,” Liahona (CR) May 2024

Low and High Voices

There are many voices today trying to lower our voices as disciples of Jesus Christ. The voices of the world are trying to silence us, but that’s exactly why we must declare our testimony of the Savior louder and stronger. Among all the voices of the world, the Lord is counting on me and you […]